60 Minute Workshop With Q&A

Practical advice to help you build your career as a portfolio, starting now

All industries are being reinvented at a crazy pace. Millions of people are redundant, on furlough or nervous. Big, established companies are reducing headcount, and those permanent jobs are not coming back. Graduate hiring programmes are cut. Newly graduated students are lost.

Portfolio Career Workshop
Portfolio Career Workshop

Learn how to build your career as a portfolio of work

Employment Is Changing Fast
Employment Is Changing Fast

Coronavirus is leading to a change in working norms

Career Change Workshop
Career Change Workshop

Portfolio Career Workshop
Portfolio Career Workshop

Learn how to build your career as a portfolio of work


This is not a disaster - it's evolution. The future of work will involve less and less people in one full-time job. Going forward, the majority of people will build their own 'portfolio career', with a mix of work and learning activities that suit their experience, skills, passions and lifestyle.


The good news is that there is SO much portfolio work out there - if you look in the right places and build the right skills! There are part time roles, consulting roles, short projects, long projects, interim positions, expert advisors and many more. The competition for this work is lower, so your chances are better. You can also use portfolio work to fund the development of your own specific products or services, building your own brand. You can win, or create, as much work as you want, and earn as much as your unique skills and work ethic deserve.  

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Building your portfolio takes time, but you can get started within 48 hours. After that, you will always be evolving it - adding some work, dropping other elements, learning new skills. In this workshop, CEO Ben Legg will give you practical tips for how to:


Define your most monetisable skills

Brand yourself

Optimise your LinkedIn and connections



Set up your company and business foundations

Create your website​

Launch your digital marketing



Land your first paid project

Manage your finances


The workshop is a must-attend for anyone seeking advice and motivation to start building a portfolio career. You might be in a permanent role wanting to earn some extra money or start creating your backup plan. You might be out of work and planning a rapid reinvention of your career.  Ben will teach you how to get started now.

Ben Legg has had a diverse career including army officer, McKinsey strategy consultant, COO of Google Europe and global technology CEO. He has lived in nine countries and worked in 60. He now has his own portfolio career, which includes board roles, mentoring (and investing in) entrepreneurs, advising investors, speaking at conferences and consulting. He has researched the Future of Work in detail, including interviews with dozens of portfolio career professionals, and during lockdown 2020 founded The Portfolio Collective, which aims to help other professionals launch and sustain their portfolio careers. Ben's insights on how industries, work and education will evolve, plus what it will take to succeed in both work and life, are fresh and his optimism is contagious.


Ben has been giving career advice to ambitious people - of all ages - for decades. In recent weeks the requests for insight and guidance have been overwhelming, which is why he launched this video workshop. 

Read more about Ben's own career journey here: Portfolio Career Interview with Ben Legg

Portfolio Career Workshops​

Every Wednesday @ 4pm (UK time)

What other people say about Ben Legg's career advice:

"Ben’s brilliance is his ability to see the future with clarity of thought on where the world is heading, coupled with his attention to detail and concise focus on how to deliver value and success within it .... constantly reinventing both himself plus the industries and people around him .... genuinely motivated by being a force for good. You couldn’t wish for a better mentor"  Matt Sutton

"Ben has been one of the most impactful career mentors I’ve known .... being ahead of global trends and reinventing himself multiple times, always with a clear vision of the future. Ben is one of the most motivating, authentic and intellectually inspiring people I know. His creativity and optimism are matched by his ability to shift the needle and get things done"  Elle von Dierer

"Ben has been a career mentor since 2017 .... offers unrivalled insights .... tough feedback, but in a positive and valuable way .... balances his professional and home life amazingly .... thoughtful, unselfish, respectful .... I have been promoted twice, moved country and taken on amazing external commitments since meeting Ben"  

Charles Gadsdon

"Ben's knowledge and expertise have helped me set goals, fix problems and make educated decisions along my career path. His book is great too!"    Oussie Gueye

"I have known Ben since 2010 and have always found his advice - on career and life - extremely valuable and to the point. Ben is a great mentor who has always helped me to see the bigger picture and guided me in making tough decisions."    Bob Vosalik

"Ben is the insightful and pragmatic mentor you want to have at your side. He has invaluable insights into pretty much anything, professional and personal. His holistic knowledge and experience have been key in guiding me through key moments in my career path"    Marco Andre