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"Every entrepreneur needs a 'Ben' on their journey. Ben has been one of my my mentors for almost a year and his advice has helped me grow as an entrepreneur. He has deep insight into how to manage stakeholders and work with diverse teams to achieve your objectives. Every moment in the entrepreneur’s journey can be characterized as a 'people skills moment'. Ben helped me stay focussed on how to get the best out of people." Sofia Fenichell


“Ben has been one of the most impactful mentors I’ve known. He is one of the most motivating, authentic and intellectually inspiring people and his creativity and optimism are matched by his ability to shift the needle and get things done.” Elle von Dierer


“I have known Ben since 2010 and have always found his advice - on career and life - extremely valuable and to the point. Ben is a great mentor who has always helped me to see the bigger picture and guided me in making tough decisions.” Bob Vosalik

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“I attended one of Ben’s early workshops and was blown away by Ben’s extensive and varied career experience, insightful advice into practical next steps and his infectious passion. I particularly valued the interactive nature of the workshop and the opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts with Ben and then other attendees. I’ve recommended Ben’s workshop to several friends and colleagues who have found it equally inspiring. Thanks!” Tom de Wilton


“Ben is the insightful and pragmatic mentor you want to have at your side. He has invaluable insights into pretty much anything, professional and personal. His holistic knowledge and experience have been key in guiding me through key moments in my career path.” Marco Andre


“The best thing about working with Ben is that he is so well rounded. He's become our go-to person for a lot of strategic advice - from growth to culture and hiring - because we're always confident he can point us in the right direction (whether that's through an introduction, a meeting or a recommendation).” Ismail Jeilani


“Ben's workshop is excellent. The advice and counselling from Ben and his team is invaluable. He really helps you to understand what your transferable skills are and how you can turn them into money. Hugely thought-provoking and enjoyable. The advice continues to resonate long beyond the 60 minutes. Well worth the money.” Stephen Fleming

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