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Ben is on his 4th career reinvention after a global career living in nine countries and working in 60. As the CEO of Digital People International, Ben mentors startups and provides thought leadership and investor support – find out more about his services here. In addition to himself being a ‘portfolio professional’, Ben is also the CEO and Co-Founder of The Portfolio Collective, the world’s leading community helping entrepreneurial professionals launch and grow their portfolio careers. If you would like practical advice on building your own portfolio career, or would like to find out more about what one involves, Ben's free introduction video will tell you just that, Intro to Portfolio Careers Workshop.

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British Army Captain

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Blue-Chip Corporate Leader

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C-Suite executive



Portfolio professional

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Ben started his career as a Captain in the British Army’s Royal Engineers, leading various military engineering organisations in Germany, Canada, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Poland and Bosnia (including relieving the Siege of Sarajevo in 1995).


Following three years as a strategy consultant at McKinsey, Ben moved into senior leadership roles at Coca-Cola spanning Training & Development, Sales, Marketing & Distribution – culminating in leading 12,000 salespeople in India covering one million customers and 300 million active consumers.


Ben returned to the UK to become COO of Google UK, Benelux & Ireland, and then COO of Google Europe. In this role he wrote the blueprint for Google's monetisation approach - developing, launching and optimising many of the most impactful ads products for Search, YouTube, Mobile, Hotels, SMBs and eCommerce.


As an expert on digital marketing, Ben took on a variety of global C-Suite roles at technology companies and authored a book (Marketing for CEOs: Death or Glory in the Digital Age) on what best-in-class marketing looks like. His final full time role before embarking on a portfolio career was launching Ola - India's pioneering mobility company - in the UK.


To hear more about Ben's background, career and life lessons - in his own voice - you can listen to recent interviews on the Watchword and 40 Minute Mentor podcasts, or the Back Yourself vodcast.

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