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Ben provides a wide range of insights to global investors, leveraging his extensive digital business building experience. In addition to being the former COO of Google Europe, Ben has held CEO roles at Adknowledge and AdParlor, providing him with unique and unparalleled industry insight. Ben’s proprietary database tracks the digital ad spending of 200 companies, which helps him keep his finger on the pulse of the industry, with monthly trend data on over $700M of digital media spend per year.





Ben gathers a wealth of data and insights to support investors focused on digital advertising, social media, e-commerce and video. This is across all major platforms including Meta (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp), Google, YouTube, Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter/X, Pinterest, Tiktok and more.






He monitors all ad formats and targeting options and benchmarks everything for ROI, volume and usability. For each platform, he has like-for-like monthly and quarterly KPI trend data (spend, pricing, ROI etc) going back years, plus forecasts for the next four quarters.


He also forecasts the future of the advertising industry, including the market entrance of Netflix and Disney+, along with the future of e-commerce, the creator economy, the metaverse and data/ privacy. He also forecasts the impact of generative AI on multiple industries, including advertising, eCommerce and the future of work.

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