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Ben provides a wide range of support to global investors, leveraging his extensive digital business building experience. In addition to being the former COO of Google Europe, Ben has held CEO roles at Adknowledge and AdParlor, providing him with unique and unparalleled industry insight. Ben’s proprietary database tracks the digital ad spending of 180 companies, which helps him keep his finger on the pulse of the industry, with monthly trend data on over $600M of digital media spend per year.


Deal Sourcing

European deal advisor to GFR Fund, a San Francisco-based VC that invests $100k-$500k in gaming and other B2C companies involved in personalised and engaging user experiences

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Due Diligence

Advisor to PE Funds including EQT, Hellman & Friedman and Mercia Asset Management, leveraging experience from conducting due diligence on over 200 companies, acquiring 15 companies and building >10 new ventures from scratch


Expert Insight

Digital marketing industry expert to investors and analysts, providing insights from a proprietary quarterly survey of professional digital media buyers, benchmarking spend and pricing for all major platforms

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